a world of possibilities

An obsession with Virtual Reality and creating interactive worlds got us to where we are today.

Frameless Interactive was born out of a desire for more. To push the boundaries of what is possible in interactive worlds. To realise dreams in our waking life. All of this was made possible with the advent of Virtual Reality.

With the release of the Oculus Rift Dev Kit in 2014 we here at Frameless got a taste of just the potential VR could be and wasn't until the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift launched in 2016 with our suspicions confirmed, we knew where the future was headed.

Fast forward to 2019 and with mobile computing delivering us the Quest -a truly mobile VR experience, and cloud computing enabling game streaming allowing us to put all we have learned into action. Our team with many more years experience constantly working and experimenting in all aspects of VR discovered its true world changing potential to deliver immersive training experiences.

As we continue our journey, we keep an eye on current technological advances to integrate so as to improve and add to the immersive experiences we deliver.

The Team

Our team has over 50 years combined experience in training, education, video game development and design.

Russel Tommy
Founder & Technical Director
Virtual Reality Content Creator and Developer based in Sydney. With over 13 Years experience working Within 3D and Visualisation, Game Development, simulation, TVC, Virtual Reality, Production, Post Production, Education And Training.
Michael Coleman
Co Founder & Lead Programmer
Michael has 6 Years programming experience specialising in Virtual Reality, Augmented reality and Unreal. He is a Master at Blueprints and Automation Tools within Unreal, along with his c++ abilities Michael is also a workflow specialist in the AEC Industry. His ability to create rapid prototypes has allowed Frameless interactive to demonstrate the advantages and capabilities of Virtual Reality. 
Chris Johnson
Business Development & AEC LEAD
Chris has a strong background and passion for design and coordination in roads and rail infrastructure, water, and property & buildings projects. He strongly advocates for the time and cost savings that can be achieved by incorporating digital engineering practices into project workflows

Louis Michael Musanje
Front End Developer
Musanje is a passionate software developer with a few years experience in the industry. Started off as a C# guru and Php enthusiast. He considers himself language agnostic (quick to learn a new language when there's need). A lover of ReactJs, NodeJS and most recently React Native. He is a believer in hard work, teamwork, best practises, and networking
Keith Lee
Lead Character Animator
Keith has 13 years experience in 3d animation, working on projects across the entertainment industry such as games, feature films, commercials and cartoons. He specialises in rigging and animation, and is also involved in other aspects of the 3D pipeline like modelling and lighting. 

Our Clients

Sandra Warburton
Nurse Educator

"This has the potential to be an extremely effective educational tool.”

Matthew Han
Nurse Educator

“I think this this is a great way to add another layer of education which would greatly optimise learning.”

Dr Ken Harrison
Senior Staff Specialist

“I am of the generation that rarely uses this stuff, I am also of a generation that doesn’t play computer games, at all, ever. But that was good! What I can see that this is good at is making sure team leaders are getting sequences right.”

Richard Conway
Clinical Nurse Consultant
Clinical Emergency Response System

“This application has the potential to significantly improve the way we train and assess ALS team leaders. Being able to facilitate both individual and collaborative experiences really adds to it benefits.”

Dr Andrew Coggins
Staff Specialist

“I think this is a really cool thing. I think it would complement the simulation training where you’ve got a lot of staff resources. You could potentially reinforce new learning without much supervision and the feedback is generated automatically in the program.”

Alyssa Clarke
Senior ICU Nurse
ALS provider

“That is the coolest thing I’ve seen in education for a long time”