Frequently asked questions

What is FRLE? 

FRLE (Frameless Realtime Learning Environment) is our web app that encompasses all our training simulation applications. You use your FRLE login details to log into our simulations and when you are done your results can be found in FRLE. Organisations can manage teams and view team members results there too.

Who is FRLE for?

Anybody who wishes to use our training simulations.

Are there any discounts?

Contact us to discuss bulk purchasing for your organisation!

Does it work on device "X"?

Our simulations can be deployed on any device that can run a web browser and has high speed internet connectivity. We can also provide locally run instances, these are necessary for VR.

What is Frameless Interactive?

Frameless Interactive is the team behind FRLE, ALS-Sim VR, CodeBlack, and Zoll Defibrilation Trainer. for more info see our "About" page.

Do you have international support?

Due to the nature of our work many of the simulations abide by the standards of Australia within their respective fields. These standards may meet or exceed your countries standards. If you need a simulation made to meet your requirements or standards please contact us.

Do you only do VR? 

No! Currently all our training sims are deployed on desktop and mobile as well as VR.

How can I reach you?

The best way to reach us is via email at

Have more questions?

Email us at

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