Assessment Results. UMS / Admin & Analytics for Realtime Simulations and Training

Smart Training for all your digital training

User engagement is tracked using metrics applicable to the cognitive science behind learning to ensure learners are effectively assessed.
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Gather data and metrics that matter.
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Raw data is processed, formatted, and converted into a digestible format
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Easily evaluate and compare how cohorts and individuals have achieved their goals.
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Participants receive immediate feedback reinforcing and amplifying training.
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End User Features

For individuals
  • View results
  • Link organisations
  • Instant feedback
  • Reinforce learning
    Reinforce learning

Organisation Features

For Organisations
  • User management
  • Group management
  • View results at every level
  • Ensure KPIs are met
    Ensure KPIs are met

Any Device Any Platform

PC And Mac
VR and Mobile VR

Why use Analytics for Training

Deliver Relevant Training

Training where it is needed.

Analytics allow organisations to easily see where deficits in skills exist.

Making training efficient
This makes it possible to use time and resources where appropriate to eliminate the waste that is inherent in regular training techniques. Outcomes are amplified by incorporating a laser like focus to current training methods within an organisation.

Lets dig deeper

Cost Effective

Saving your organisation money.

Training is an expensive and time consuming but an also necessary investment into your business.

Removing the cost
Less time and money is spent on training with improved outcomes by directing current training practices with insights and trends gleaned from analytics. This means less downtime for training, less mistakes, improved performance, and increased procedure compliance.

Risk Mitigation

Using analytics to minimise risk.
Mistakes and errors in judgement happen. The results can be costly.

Lowering error frequency
Improved analytics-derived training naturally decreases the number of errors. Better training ensures better compliance with protocols that are in place specifically to mitigate risks. Analytics can also tie in with your organisations current error-review processes and help prioritise employees who need training in that area.

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