What we can do for you.


Utilise our existing training systems to keep you or your employees skills sharp and up to date.


Need an interactive training simulation made to an industry standard? We have workflows in place to get you there.


Locally or online. If needed we can host your application and stream it to any device that can run a web browser.


Our training simulations are made to meet industry standards and developed for accessibility to maximise the benefits of virtual training.

The scenario being simulated, the projects end goal, and the projects requirements determines what kind logic the simulation will use.

Non-linear and branching scenarios with randomised elements mean that each run through is a unique experience which multiplies the effectiveness of the training. Guided walk through of procedures or device usage are most effective for discreet procedures that need the specificity that a linear scenario can provide.

  • Non-linear
    Learners are provided with a variety of options, they choose their own path and the outcomes are emergent.
  • Branching
    The options given alter the course of the scenario into one of many predefined paths.
  • Linear
    Guided walk through demonstrating best practices or operational procedures.
  • Requirement Gathering
    A short period of rigorous requirement gathering ensures a smooth development with few risks and less surprises.
  • Research
    Here at Frameless we push the boundary of technological progress so quite often requested features need to be researched before greenlit.
  • Development


We have a proven track record of delivering complex training simulations on time and to budget. Using the latest technologies we are able to quickly develop non-linear scenarios where your actions actually matter.

We use Unreal Engine for all our projects as it provides us with AAA features and source code access straight out of the box allowing us to deliver amazing fidelity and functionality as quick as possible.


We support a number of platforms and form factors so you can train the way you want to that suits you best. While we here at Frameless are huge fans of VR we acknowledge it is not for everyone or always appropriate depending on the setting which is why we offer cross platform availability.

The cutting edge of deployment options is interactive streamed content. This allows you to enjoy full AAA graphical fidelity even on a mobile device.

  • Regular updates, feedback, and testing occurs to ensure we are on track and all requirements are met.
    Virtual Reality
    For the most immersive experience. Quest, Rift, or Vive.
  • Desktop
    Locally deployed or streamed.
  • Mobile devices
    Stream interactive experiences to your mobile device or any web browser.
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