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Ai Driven Training Solutions


Scenario & Case based Trainers


Technical & communication training

Here’s why our clients choose us for their bespoke training needs

We design immersive learning experiences using scenario and avatar based training that promotes career development, reduces turnover and keeps your team engaged.

Engage and retain teams

Includes a cutting edge analytics and learning insights platform

The learner's performance can be accurately tracked and it is easy to identify areas that require additional training.

Choose between multiple deployment options to train your teams anytime, anywhere. A truly remote and accessible learning experience for all. Be it through VR, on a desktop, browser or mobile device.

We offer an Array of deployment options

How it works

Discovery Session

Lets Reverse Engineer Success

We find what works best, we start from the method of delivery, from there we work backwards to ensure the best user experience with the least amount of friction as possible.

Learning Outcome Mapping

We connect your content into our systems

This is where the magic begins.
We have setup several tools that allows us to quickly connect our learning mechanics to assessable mechanics which allows us to begin the Rapid Prototype phase.

Prototype / proof of concept

First Playable

We focus on one learning outcome and create the entire experience from start to finish.
Allowing the evaluation of the entire process to begin fast.


First complete Build

Complete with user and instructor onboarding, along with full support for various modes of facilitation.

LAUNCH & Review

Launch, Facilitate and Suppport

You're ready to launch and we will be supporting you for the lifetime of the product.

Interested in EdTech, gamification, AI or Simulation?

Can we translate your training objectives or learning outcomes through interactive Avatar and AI based solutions?

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