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What if you could safely save time without having to use costly real-world resources?

We work with Learning designers and developers to take their content to the next level at a cost-effective manner using our FRLE system.  We bring our expertise and tools along with our passion to achieve real results by understanding your learning outcomes and delivering a bespoke experience to your learners.​ We understand that implementing new technologies can be a daunting process, so we will partner with you every step of the way.

Effective training is dynamic; shaped around a learner’s needs. Fixed content is robotic, making an impact on only a fraction of participants, but effective training that makes an impact responds to our mistakes, and our successes.  A fully immersive interactive 3D scenario and avatars can guide your staff in a safe controlled environment – responding to each of their actions quicker than a real life experienced mentor.

At Frameless Interactive we create responsive training scenarios and simulations that engages your users and make a lasting impact

why Is realtime Training effective?

Each scenario is a unique journey, immersing learners into what is known as a ‘serious game’. You’re in control of the scenario; we build it while harnessing powerful data sets to enhance training efficacy. With developers that have worked on award winning games from around the world, our goal is to cut to the chase with training and take the scientific approach.

Frameless uses the latest software with proprietary techniques and in-house automation. We deploy this for each training program, ensuring fast and cost-effective training conversion to a Real-time environment. To ensure learners are evaluated effectively, user engagement is tracked using metrics applicable to the cognitive science behind learning. Without this, any work developing course content is wasted.

We have included easy to use analytics to evaluate learners, and document how they were evaluated. We specialise in converting your content into practical examples to create an easily accessible and rewarding experience that makes a lasting impact.

Advantages of serious games

  • Stimulates the Mind
    VR and Immersive solutions is proven to increase memory retention. With this level of immersion the user stores what they learn as memories rather than abstraction.
  • Immediate Feedback
    Get assessed instantly
  • Skills into Practice
    With repetition and randomization you're users can run though the same scenario multiple times whilst still being engaged.
  • Create Emotional Connection
    Allow you're users to engage with characters rather than just text.
  • Real World Environments & Simulations
    Expose users to dangerous situations without the risk.
  • Sense of Accomplishment
    Using gamification you can create reward systems to encourage the user to learn and be rewarded simultaneously.
  • Simplify Complex Tasks
    Complex and Dynamic tasks can be gamified, through repetition and dynamics states you can recreate an array of scenarios within the one scenario.
  • Train in Dynamic Environment
    Flexible and dynamic events and environments driven by the users decisions creates training situations where the user can be evaluated based on all their decisions combined.
  • Evaluate Performance
    Using our FRLE system you can moinitor the performance of the user with access to historical progression.

Frameless Realtime Learning Environment (FRLE)

Paired with our online service FRLE.app, comparing your results and improving has never been easier.


Training anywhere

The goals of our training applications is to ensure accessibility to all. There fore we have invested in creating the core of our applications to allow for support for any device. Our apps support VR, Tablet, phone and chrome based browsers.

  • Phone or tablet
    Game streaming technology allows us to deliver high quality experience even to mobile devices.
  • VR
    Mobile VR such as Quest or high end desktop with Rift or Vive.
  • Desktop
    A more traditional desktop experience deployed either locally or streamed with cloud computing.

Easy to use

Paired with our online service FRLE.app, comparing your results and improving has never been easier.

  • Play a training sim.
    Log in and complete any of our training sims.
  • Record results.
    Your results are automatically saved online.
  • View results.
    log into FRLE.app to see all your results!

research paper


Exploring User Needs in the Development of a Virtual Reality–Based Advanced Life Support Training Platform: Exploratory Usability Study

research paper


ALS-SimVR: Advanced Life Support Virtual Reality Training Application

Our clients

Sandra Warburton
Nurse Educator

"This has the potential to be an extremely effective educational tool.”

Matthew Han
Nurse Educator

“I think this this is a great way to add another layer of education which would greatly optimise learning.”

Dr Ken Harrison
Senior Staff Specialist

“I am of the generation that rarely uses this stuff, I am also of a generation that doesn’t play computer games, at all, ever. But that was good! What I can see that this is good at is making sure team leaders are getting sequences right.”

Richard Conway
Clinical Nurse Consultant
Clinical Emergency Response System

“This application has the potential to significantly improve the way we train and assess ALS team leaders. Being able to facilitate both individual and collaborative experiences really adds to it benefits.”

Dr Andrew Coggins
Staff Specialist

“I think this is a really cool thing. I think it would complement the simulation training where you’ve got a lot of staff resources. You could potentially reinforce new learning without much supervision and the feedback is generated automatically in the program.”

Alyssa Clarke
Senior ICU Nurse
ALS provider

“That is the coolest thing I’ve seen in education for a long time”