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Contact us to integrate your content with solutions. We see all our clients as partners and each application is an evolving development experience.
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For the last 6 years we have been in the world of VR training and have helped to implement VR strategies for numerous business partners. We are happy to support you in the development, implementation and expansion of your VR pilot project.

Cost Effective, Fast and Efficient

Quick and efficient Development of VR and Interactive Trainers. Utilising our code libraries, pre-made characters and scenes allowing us to assemble trainers at a fraction of the cost.


Reliable VR Training implementation. Our FRLE Platform makes sure that you can share and promote apps, deploy updates, invite users, assign permissions, measure adoption in an intuitive and branded Platform securely.

We Deliver Experiential Training

From Complex Task Training to Product Familiarisation
Assessable Smart Training for all Devices.

End to End Digital Training Development


We work closely with SME's to deliver immersive training experiences.
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Our Developers have a proven track record of delivering complex training simulations on time and to budget.
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A short period of rigorous requirement testing ensures a smooth deployment with few risks and less surprises.
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We guide you through the deployment process to ensure your training solutions have maximum utilisation.
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Using FRLE our analytics system we review the KPIs you provide to incrementally improve the scenarios.
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Continual Support & Development

We see all our clients as partners and each application is an evolving development experience.
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Key takeaways

  • Modular and versatile.
  • Easy to Deploy
  • Non Linear Training
  • Any platform
  • Oculus Quest 1 & 2 Support
  • Training and Assessment
  • Deep Analytics
  • High End Training Solution

Realtime Simulations

Simulations are an essential element to many training solutions. We use our experience creating simulations and apps.

When should you use simulations for eLearning or Training?
- Master Skill based tasks
- Learning Process based tasks
- Complex Training Processes that require non linear decision making
- Engaging the user for a active learning Experience
- A requirement of repetition. Sometimes its impossible to take each user through a task to a point where they achieve complete recollection. This is why repetition is essential and with our training solutions users will have infinite access to the training at minimal cost

The Learning Process
Watch: Pre Coursor material like video or live demo
DO: Run through the scenerio until a level of success is achieved
Assess: Using the same simulation as above however with an assessment running and no hints or training wheels attached.

Avatar & AI Based Training

Training without avatars is great for basic training. However when you add avatars into the picture the user is now faced with an array of challenges they would face in the real world. This is generally ideal for role based training but can also be used to facilitate soft skills training.

The Possibilities?
- Use avatars to allow the user to practice interacting with different roles in the workplace.

- Conversational Training through speech recognition and natural language processing. Similar to Alexa or Siri we use voice recognition to generate responses tailored towards your training outcomes. Great for soft skills training.

- A basic AI can be used as a guide to ensure the user is not straying too far which would increase learning time. This technique can be used as a trigger or a timer to ensure the user is actively learning through the majority of the learning experience.

Serious Games

Serious games may sound like its all fun and games but with the advent of VR and cheaper computing the power of serious games to memory retention is undeniable.

Our Team has over 20 years experience creating games and simulations, This includes artists, instructional designers, teachers, programmers and designers. With this blend of talent, as well an array of proprietary tools and workflows to deliver expert training material without the expense or the gimmicks.

Why Serious Games? 

Engage your users and enhance the learning experience with tasks and challenges.

Instant feedback - The user can be corrected instantly via an avatar or warning. No need for a instructor to be present for the learner to know they are on the right track.

Any Device Any Platform

PC And Mac
VR and Mobile VR

Our Clients


“I am of the generation that rarely uses this stuff, I am also of a generation that doesn’t play computer games, at all, ever. But that was good! What I can see that this is good at is making sure team leaders are getting sequences right.”

Dr Ken HarrisonSenior Staff Specialist

“This application has the potential to significantly improve the way we train and assess ALS team leaders. Being able to facilitate both individual and collaborative experiences really adds to it benefits.”

Richard Conway
Clinical Nurse Consultant
Clinical Emergency Response System

“I think this is a really cool thing. I think it would compliment the simulation training where you’ve got a lot of staff resources. You could potentially reinforce new learning without much supervision and the feedback is generated automatically in the program.”

Dr Andrew Coggins Staff Specialist

"This has the potential to be an extremely effective educational tool.”

Sandra Warburton
Nurse Educator

“That is the coolest thing I’ve seen in education for a long time”

Alyssa Clarke Senior ICU Nurse

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